Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tonight's Post Brought to you by Hypno Kitties

Neko and Minette Valentina

Hypno kitties expect... Nay.. Demand your attention! Ever had that moment when you try to take photos of things and the cats get in the way? Of course you do. Every cat owner (slave in servitude) does, I'm sure!

If I don't even mention my slack posting you won't even notice. See? Nice 'n smooth. Thank you Hypno Kitties. Now we can move on!

Huh. Somehow the paragraph I'd prepared earlier quit... It just disappeared! Now I'll just retry it ... Something about I hope you had a great Christmas! I thought I'd share a Christmas saga with you. I was very lucky and spoilt and received an overlocker from my Sweetheart for Christmas. I can't wait to use it, I haven't much experience with one and I look forward to discovering its magical goodness! Now a tale about the sewing machine cabinet... It was a promised gift from my Sweetie and his parents for Christmas 08, purchased in the June 09 sales and finally assembled in August 10. I was also lucky enough to get a sewing machine in 08 from my parents and sister. It's great to have a workstation where I can keep everything together and hopefully have creative things happen.

The chain is something cute I threw together with my jewellery making supplies to make sure I don't lose the key to the lock! I used some beads I'd gotten from my mother, as well as the little heart shaped charm. I love that I can use something from my family's past a repurpose it to something new! The charm with the gem is taken from a necklace I took apart, brought at the Darwin Show a few years ago and never worn, haha!

Anyways, so I was saying...

I've been trying to get somewhat organised and have proper places for my sewing goodies, my packets of balloons, jewellery making supplies and general 'stuff'... My Sweetie tolerates me to have the spare room as my creative space. But absolutely no photos of that work environment until it finally gets cleaned. So needs a makeover haha! So the room is basically my girl cave (cosplay costumes hang in the cupboard!), which is great as I need oodles of room. My stuff is just to unrestrained. I want to have less stuff about that I don't use/need but getting rid of it is the hassle. Do I smell a New Years Resolution (those usually fail methinks though!)

So hopefully that was worth the rate and I'll even see if I can squeeze out one new post for the last day of 2010 tomorrow. If I don't (kinda likely!), see you in the New Year!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Award!

I was very excited to receive my first award! Thank you sooo much, Raki!

Now this is my first time, and I believe it goes:

And so here are my nominees...

1. Color Me Katie

2. Playing Dress Up

3. What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?

4. Max California

5. Miss Balloon Hearts Blog

6. My Vintage Image

7. Mihee So

8. East of the Sun West of the Moon

9. Daily Dream Daily Doodle

10. Fashion for the Economically Challenged

An honarary blog is the lovely Ruffles and Stuff as I absolutely loved it, but it is no longer being updated. It is a fantastic

I've learnt that there was issues with being able to post with my previous layout so I've ditched it for a post-possible one. The place still need some more prettying up, but that will come in due time.


Lately I have gotten back into sewing, which feels great!I gave up on waiting for my sewing table to be put together.... Sigh. So I put it on the kitchen bench and got my sew on!

I wanted to share with you the skirts I created.

The first one, made for when I will do balloon twisting. It is the combination of:

This (Anthropolgie I think?)


My intention is to make a matching jacket from a pattern I developed during my Fashion Design Course last year, with modifications (hearts and ruffles!). The pink Cotton Drill fabric was on sale @ $2 a metre!!! Could not resist and purchased 5 metres... I asked for it to be put on a roll. I love looking at it! hehe
The next skirt I made is from some butterfly fabric I found when I was searching in the boot of my car. I couldn't believe that I forgot all about it! I think I must have purchased it about a year ago. I've found it difficult to find skirt patterns that I like, and so I decided to make my own. Now I didn't have the means to make the pattern, but it wasn't necessary as I used my dressmakers dummy to build it and the measurements of a skirt waistband. Was really happy with how it turned out.

Buoyed be the success of the skirt, I went to Spotlight and searched for fabric to make into another skirt. I felt I hit the jackpot though! With this skirt I decided to make the waistband wider in the front and include four green buttons.

I'm thinking of making another skirt with the bird fabric for someone else. I'm usually hesitant to make things for other people, however I've gotten a few positive comments that I would like to make it and gift it to someone.

Perhaps when I get 50 followers (haha maybe aiming to high?) I'll have a contest/giveaway... Failing that I might make one to sell. Another alternative was to put up a tutorial for making a similar skirt. Any thoughts?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One Sweet Day

Inspired by Fashion for The Economically Challenged, I decided to post up a list of things that I'd like to do in my lifetime. Somedays I feel that the best days are in the past, but then I realise the future isn't going anywhere, and the best days are yet to come! (OMG "Total Eclipse of the Heart" much??)
  • Get married (& wear a white and rainbow dress!)
  • Raise a family
  • Make balloons at local Hospital for Children

To Visit and Travel About:

  • Japan
  • Canada
  • America
  • Visit a Balloon Expo in the USA


  • To write a novel (do something with all these ideas in my head!)
  • Utilise my sewing skills to develop more clothing
  • Create and sell a balloon twisting PDF
  • To learn resin-making
  • Win 1st place in a cosplay contest
Mostly this reflects where I am in life... but I've many more years left to discover new loves and addictions in my life... And I can't wait!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's all about the Birds and the Beads

Been feeling quite creative lately. This usually translates into the work I do with balloons, but also sewing, jewellery-making and writing have played apart in the last couple of weeks. So a little bit on each!
Balloons: was able to replicate a design I have coveted for a short while now. Based on the works of Patrick Van De Ven. Was quite excited as they are just about as realistic you can get with balloons!
Then sewing.

Imagine this skirt:

With these pockets:In hot pink. Oh yes.

Excited? I am haha! I've all but finished the skirt, just requires some finishing stitches. And then I'm planning on making a matching jacket from a pattern I created during my sewing course next year, with a few adaptations. Planning also on making a purple skirt in the style too. Will show you pictures to if this eventuates!

Jewellery making wise I made a necklace for one of my fantastic friends for her birthday. It utilised a statement piece pilfered from my mother's crafty bits. I really like the idea of using something in a new way. Brings some history to it!

Lastly writing. Have you ever heard of National Novel Writing Month? It gives would-be novelists the opportunity to write that 'one day' novel. Basically you have one month to write 50,000 words. Visit the website to find out more, it sounds pretty exciting. I'd heard about it several years ago but I'd forgotten about it by the time it came round! So this November I will participate and write about characters that have been in my head for too long! haha
That's the 'weekly' round-up in crafts. I will finalise my skirt and the rainbow belt and include it in my next post! Cheers!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dream Wistful List

Okay! So with the passing of the show I usually am inspired to get creative. Not only that, some of the great tutorials others are kindly sharing online light the fire of creativity in me! And so I thought I would post online my list that I can look at and hopefully inspire me to get working...

  • Finish my cross stitch (that I started, oh about 10 years ago!!)
  • Make a few necklaces (addicting once you start)
  • Make a high-waisted dress (McCalls pattern)
  • Drape a tulip skirt (use those skills I learnt last year!)
  • Make a dress for doing balloons in (I already have the rainbow fabric)
  • Finish my army jacket refashion:

A work in progress

Online Tutorials I MUST try:

as for other craft projects;

So cute!

That's about the list of *want to do* for the moment. I'm sure there are things that I've forgotten or shouldn't of left off... but that is a whole lot of creativeness to conquer! If you've got a suggestion for one that should be added.... Let me know in the comments!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Is there such a thing as too many Rainbows?

Last few weekends have been pretty busy! Looking forward to the one where I can just relaaaax! Unfortunately not quite there yet! Mostly it's because of all the ballooning work (which is good, extra money for me!) but also the fun and excitement of attending not one, but two shows! Also won some prize money. Yay!
I had high hopes for my balloon dress, sadly it was not meant to be :( but I did win a 2nd for it. After having been sitting about for 5 days it looked worse for wear, but that's Darwin weather for you! Here is some pictures I took of my dress the night it was made:

This next picture is a ring I purchased at the Katherine Show, sterling silver and mother of pearl. It's pastel colours really appeal to me! And I also purchased a sterling silver puzzle ring from the Darwin Show, with a difference. It has a sweet looking frog that sits in the centre. A little different, alot cute! I'd include a photo, but as you can see from this ring picture, my camera is not so good with macro shots :(

Now, people who know me know I like rainbows. In fact, if you haven't visited my website, it's called A Rainbow of Balloons. One of the things I enjoy doing is finding quirky clothing/shoes with the rainbow theme. The fabulous T.U.K. shoes of an earlier post, the funky 80's shirt... (those shoes are a tad too small.... at the shoe man's getting made biggerer!) May I present to you the latest shoes of awesomeness?

If you happen to know of some fabulous rainbow confection that you'd think I'd like.... Please please please let me know! Most of the things I do buy with the intention of wearing as I twist balloons, but some just need more wear time! haha
Hopefully soon I will be inspired to do some sewing. Despite learning a fantastic array of things last year... I haven't made any dresses since that weren't made of balloons! Scary, isn't it? Working on some clothing modifications too, such as the army jacket makeover I'm in the middle of doing. I hope to share more with you in my next post. I've got a vision! (also I purchased some rainbow sarongs at the show which I plan on making into a dress and a matching table runner... all for the balloons of course!) Also some jewellery plans.... I'm feeling inspired! I might just have to do a seperate post and get peeps to help encourage me! hehe

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blog Lovin

Wow, lookit all that time between posts... Where did it all go?

I'll just put it down to starting in my new job, and focussing so much energy on that! I'm still loving the 5pm finishes, early Fridays and NO weekends! The 8am starts are a bit owie... but I'm handling it better than I thought. It was a completely different environment to move into, going from recruitment and training in a retail environment to working in an office for a business that repairs and supplies mining motors! A lot of new things to learn and I'm taking it a day at a time. But so glad that things are falling into place.
Another perk is internet access! Never would have thought I'd get that luxury at work. But I'm lovin'
Another thing that has kept me distracted, in the nicest possible way (of course!) is discovering new, readable blogs. I am attracted mostly at this time to blogs that have a strong refashioning/repurposing theme. I really enjoy reading unpretentious blogs, but am quite put off by ones that just seem so full of their own importance. I like the open honesty that many possess, others oh I don't know.... I find it a little hard to articulate, but maybe you understand what I mean?
The stand out blog that I recommend you might visit is called Ruffles and Stuff. Disney, the sites owner, just seems so lovely. She has some fantastic refashioning and repurposing tutorials, and a wonderful honesty in her words. I completed one of Disney's tutorials, on how to make a necklace inspired by Anthropologie. It was really easy, and thanks to a sale at Spotlight, economically noice*!
The pouty face is for the blurry photo haha... Nonetheless, the necklace came out cute!
This necklace was made for my best friend after I discovered the joys of jewellery making!
The latest and my favourite! Thanks Disney for opening my eyes!
And so that about finishes up what I have to say. For now. Until next-time!
PS If you have any awesome blogs you'd like to recommend I'd love know! Always looking for interesting reading material :)

*Aussie bogan-ism for nice

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Most Wonderful Shoes. Ever.

And so ends another week.

With it, comes some happy news! Firstly with the 'diet' ... Things went better than expected and after two weeks I actually lost 5.7kgs! I was pretty happy with that. Now I need to focus on maintaining. Hopefully it will go well! I'd love to lose even more, and so we will see how it goes. As promised, I said I'd mention what program I was on, and it is the Scarsdale Diet. I could have gotten better results if I'd stuck to it exactly... however I have bad eating habits, and I refused to eat the Grapefruit each day (wayyy to yucky!) but I had a slice of apple tea cake at a small farewell at work, and had some things off the menu at a friend's party for her daughter, but being mindful of what (also made sure to eat lots of fruit there!).

Next, I was very excited about a pair of shoes that I 'won' today on eBay! I once brought a pair that were wayyy to big for me, and have been hunting for a smaller pair ever since. The brand is T.U.K. and I even emailed them at one stage to see if they'd make more of the shoe (it was a negative!). I was prepaired to pay a lot for them... luckily it is only $67! That is exciting. I really can't wait until I get them, that's for sure! Mostly purchased to be an addition to my balloon twisting wardrobe, however they are extremely awesome and I'm sure I wear them on other occasions!

Aren't they amazing!?

I will be starting in my new job on Tuesday, I'm looking forward to the future. You can be sure you will get an update on how things go.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Graduation is Grand

And so time for another blog. A lazy Sunday afternoon spent doing not much at all. The best kind! The morning was spent cleaning, good though as the place is looking great. Or at least a lot better.
Friday evening, I finally graduated from the course I completed last year. It was a hot afternoon, but I was pretty excited at the idea of wearing the robes! Unfortunately I have missplaced my camera cord, but will provide some pics when I can. Embarassing moment as I stumbled down the stairs, but at least I didn't fall! They had a fellow there to ensure just that. Luckily.
In other news, I have accepted the job offer to work in the office offering a good variety of tasks which will help me to learn many new things. I will be starting on the 1st of June which is pretty exciting. One of the first things they will get me to do is buy a pair of steel-capped boots. The more unusual part of my outfit! Another nice thing is that I'm told I'll get to help pick the new shirt for the office, as there will only be two of us wearing it anyway. Nice.
In diet news, I think things have been going well. I don't have a set of scales, so not sure where I stand weight-wise. However, I've lost about 1.5cms of the hips so that's something celebrate. One of my pairs of trousers that usually sit uncomfortably is now feeling so much better and these are tangible differences that help to monitor my progress. 7 more days to go, and let's hope it gets even better.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Exciting Developments?

Thought I'd start out with a funny story. Well its not really a story, but rather something kind of embarassing that is easily laughed over!
Whilst trying to compliment a co-worker on the neat ironing displayed, especially on his sleeves, it came out more like this: Nice ironing with the arm-cover thingies. It gave us in the office a bit of a laugh. I can imagine my sewing teacher looking very unimpressed! haha =P
Anyone out there reading have a funny example of when they've said the wrong thing? I'd be interested in a good laugh!

Well some exciting news.... I was offered a job today! As I have had two interviews on the one day, I thought perhaps it be best to wait until the outcome of the 2nd is determined. I'm pretty happy either way, as it means I can change over to a new job and learn new skills which would be pretty awesome! Both places have a uniform for the shirt, so no pretty blouses there (sigh) but at one of them the interviewer was wearing jeans! How's that for laidback? For the record, it was at the one that I thought would be more corporate, wearas the other is a family owned business.
It will feel so strange and different not working in my current role... Given that's been the company I've been with the last 11 years... But the future can be anything. To me, the thought of a job that is Monday - Friday 8-5 is pretty awesome. No weekends, no late evenings... Bliss! The possibilities that come from this includes that if I want to do things in the evenings, such as walking, evening classes, socialise; I can! Not being too dark or even late to do these sorts of things.

In other news, I am currently on a diet. Lately the scales have scared me into action, and so here it goes! Currently I am on day 2... so far so good. I don't actually own a set of scales and so I'm not sure how the progress will be. It is for 14 days only and so only 12 to go! Not so bad, right? If I happen to get some good results I will share the diet that I'm on. Maybe it can help inspire others, but I don't want to share it until I road test it.

I couldn't believe it when my other half had lasange and garlic bread for dinner! Oh man, when these fourteen days are over I am so going to need lasange. That is a given.

And finally, I discovered an online rainbow! It is so beautiful and inspiring, and it really makes me interested in learning more about photography. ColorMeKatie is just so amazing and so I recommend you visit her if you are looking for some blog reading that is lighthearted, fun and just wonderful. Her photos are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Here is an image I'd thought I'd share with you too, a cute retro 80's blouse I recently purchased from eBay. It is covered in small colourful spots and I really hope to wear it with some colour! Can't wait until it arrives!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

eBay and Employment and Eyes

Just a quick morning post before I do anything too meaningful for the day! A word on my eBay auctions.... some have been successful, which is great, others not so much. But the good news is I was able to get some extra money which was promptly used to purchase a couple of J Crew silk camis which are just gorgeous! Unfortunately it's been difficult to gain the colour and style that I coveted, the Francis cami in Cinnamon, but the consumer side of me fell in love with these beauties quite instantly!

J Crew Silk Cami - Kelsey

J Crew Silk Cami - Francis

The trouble with evilBay is that you can easily find some amazing things. The hard parts are where other fall in love with the same thing you do, your watch lists can become huge, and last minute sniping is enough to drive you crazy! (I had one person, the only bidder, bid on something in the last 8 seconds! Madness I tell you!)

Enough about that. Next up comes the hunt for more meaningful employment. I am sporadic at times with how often I apply for positions, which is a little silly as I want a new job now! kplzthx. And so I am madly trying to finish an application for the local Police Auxiliary opportunities, but I may have missed the deadline boat. So while I wait for the recruitment centre to open, away I am typing this morning!

One of the things I came across whilst trying to fulfill my application was online typing tests. I need to actually find a place locally where I can obtain a certificate, easier said than done! To while away the time I did some online ones. Here, I challenge you to attempt this one. It's not the most accurate, but its certainly good for a bit of fun!

speed typing test (c)

In other news, will be having an eye test today. I already wear glasses but I somehow destroyed the lenses on my last pair and need new ones stat! I had an eyetest about 9 months ago but never got around to choosing frames (!) and so will be doing the test today, and have chosen the lucky frames. I'm a little excited about the perscription sunglasses! Great vision and shaded eyes? I say YES! The $400+ price tag for the two pairs and the "recommended extras"? I say "layby ok?"
Can't think of anything else too exciting to blog about at the moment, but farewell, if you are reading until next time.
Update: Crikey! I did miss the deadline... It was last Friday for Auxiliary and tomorrow for Constable *headdesk* Well at least I have 6 months to get the application in now!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Buying Things and Selling Things

Hey there! Spending 4 glorious days off work. Very exciting! I decided to take the opportunity to do some sorting of stuffs. I am a very big horder of 'things', and am currently sorting into piles. These include the rubbish (time to let go!), things to donate, things to sell on eBay and stuff to keep. What I enjoy is finding some of the things you'd forgotten you'd owned, or repurposing them for something else.

Progress is slow, but I am getting there! I did find some payslips that are three years old, interestingly enough it's only $1.40ish less than what I earn now in the same job! Slow progress, but getting respectable haha.
The good quality things will end up on eBay, mostly clothing or anime stuffs like plushies and cd soundtracks. Also two pairs of shoes that I've never worn ... go figure! Maybe at the end of four days things will look a lot more respectable. I can only hope! Also hoping to raise some monies to fund my ever-growing wishlist.... Check out if I've actually managed to get some merchandise on eBay by clicking here.

Last night I went to an event with my sister and nephew, also another friend and her two daughters. It was basically someone's unit full of clothes, but retailing as a legitimate business. It ;was supposedly a night of pampering, with a bra lady there, Mary Kay cosmetics and a hairdresser; but mostly I just tried on some of the clothes and goofed off (just a little) with the girls. I did make one purchase, a purple floral tulip skirt. Most likely to be paired with a black singlet, gladiator sandals and neck jewellery.

My only purchase of the night

Until my next post, wish me luck in getting my monies... muahaha so that my clothing aspirations can come to fruition!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And for my next posting....

Reading some blogs inspire me once more to type away! It conjures to mind many lists unwritten in my mind. I want this, I need that, to get this I must do this first.... It's always the frivilous wants that come to mind first, and then the practicalities that come with such dreams. There are blouses I want to buy... but bills come first. Feels good to be somewhat practical. It leaves me crying on the inside that we do not have J Crew in Australia as I am very much lusting after some of their beautiful camis. Here is a sample of one of them:

A beautiful top by Anthropologie

Had one of those moments when I was bidding hard on something on eBay, but then I realised I needed to step back because they obviously want it more! There will be other opportunities so I will wait until the next (hopefully cheaper!) one.

In a bit of news that is just pure awesome, I finally opened mail that I had been neglecting opening, and one of such was my certificate of completion from the last year spent doing Cert IV in Visual Arts and Contemporary Craft at CDU. Which was basically a fashion design course. Graduation will be next month, and I'm excited for the opportunity to wear the Regalia of hats and capes. Not fashion forward, but made of absolute awesome!

About blogging, from reading some others here and there, I feel quite selective in what interests me about them. For the most part I enjoy reading about ordinary girls / women (like me!) and their interests and what inspires them and gives them the motivation to fuel their blogging.
I think in order to be successful in this, you need to not be pretentious, but be yourself. Talk about what really interests you, and yet still have that something to appeal to others to compell them to read further.
Now I don't know if my ramblings would be seen in this way, but if I can make a few new online friends along the way I think that is fantastic. Nothing quite like the world getting to be a smaller and smaller place! I like to also think I am helping to boost the esteem of others by letting them know that there are indeed those out there listening to what you have to say and give them the heart to continue.
And with those words of wisdom, I will finish up with some images of the fruits of the labour from the Fashion Course:

Me wearing a dress and petticoat combo designed and made by myself

a dress designed by myself and developed by a fellow student

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blogs and More

Feeling inspired by a day partial spent reading online Blogs. So I thought a good way to pay homage was to post once more at my own. Since last posting I can update you on how the job interview went. Quite well considering I made it to the shortlist and a 2nd interview, but I did not get the position. Which is good. No, really! Less pay and still every 2nd Saturday so no thanks. I like the idea of office hours, but not so much the idea of working in an office. We are on this world for but a short time, and what a boring way to spend it! But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Also since last posting, I have a new favourite TV show, Glee. I've been wanting to try it for a while but my other half did not like the idea. So boring! Yet I got my hands on a few episodes (now all of them!) and I was hooked from the get-go. One of the best things about the show is the character Emma Pillsbury. Slightly annoying at times, but always adorable. In particular her fashions make me go GAGA! And so I came across the aforementioned blogs I have spoken of surprised to find several blogs dedicated to her fashion. No surprise really, but very very cool.

Some blogs I find are too pretentious, and it is not many that make me want to read them all. But noteable ones I have just discovered include:

PS there is something awesome I've discovered about these blogs, you can win stuff! Now how spiffy is that? Notably, Kellie is having a giveaway of a dress from Shabby Apple. Check it out, if you've read this in time!

Something that Kellie does with her blogs is post about the clothes she finds and loves which can be inspiring. Its cute seeing the outfits she comes up with. Now I'm not saying you're about to find me posting pictures of outfits I've put together, but anything could happen. I like the optimisim and excitement it can potetially generate. But I thought that I might post some pictures of some clothes I am obsessing after, and it is my goal to own them soon!
The Owls are from a shop on Etsy
The blouse is from J Crew
Both of these Beauties are inspired by Glee. The top itself a little tricker to get as they don't sell to Australia! But luckily I hope to still get my hands on it. It would look fabulous teamed with a high waisted skirt. And so that is my mission. To help achieve this, I plan on trying to sell some things on eBay. Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Job interview and Balloon Bunnies!

Well had that job interview today. Overall I think it went okay and we shall see what happens. If I don't get it I'm quite okay with that and no I'm not just saying that!

I used some of my free time today to create my first serious YouTube video. Nothing too exciting, but if you watch it I'm sure that it's understandable. If you are a balloon twister why not check it out? :)
Interesting fact: I've been typing this post for the last 3 hours.

Interesting fact #2: I've now made another YouTube video on how to do a balloon flower.

It was more addicting than I thought.

Please visit my channel if you get the time. Leave a comment, it'll be great haha <3

Monday, April 5, 2010

She did indeed say that...

Hello there! Nice to meet you, my name is Sonia. But maybe you already knew that.
Whilst updating my blog that I currently hold, A Rainbow of Balloons, I thought I would create a new one for me to be able to just ramble on about anything. Sometimes I type out something to share... then I think it doesn't have much to do with balloons so maybe I'll leave that out! So finally a place just to be and talk. Sometimes I look back on my online presence in the past and think omg can I change that moment? Can you delete me from that website? Some I've gone ahead and removed myself, others placed in a polite request to remove me.
So my effort is only going to be to share those things that future me won't regret, but also hopefully only share things of interest haha. So let's get to it!

Some of my hobbies include:
Balloon Twisting
Costuming / Cosplay

Chances are if you read one of my posts it will contain something to do with the above. My favourite alignment of text is justified. Just about any document I create will have that as a feature (sorry that errs on the side of boring, right?) so get used to it! :)

Other things about me:
I currently work in Human Resources as a staff recruiter and trainer. I just stumbled across an online dating profile of a co-worker (won't mention any names at all but it was a whoah moment!). Wasn't looking at online profiles by the way! I've been with my handsome other half for almost 4 years now. I'm sure he wouldn't want me talking about him much but that he wouldn't mind me sharing his name, Karl.
I also work as a balloon artist which includes working at Birthday parties, private events and teaching the occasional twisting class. Not only that I work with the Casuarina Senior College Adult Night Classes also teaching balloons. How fun is that?! (trust me, it is!)
Not content with my lot, I am looking for new employment having been with my current employer for over 11 years (who's counting?!). I actually have a job interview tomorrow, so I really hope it goes well.

How's that for an introduction? That just about completes the obligitory first post. I will plan an interesting 2nd one! haha. Please don't count on frequent updates, but I do hope that it will be sooner than the next blue moon.

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