Saturday, May 1, 2010

Buying Things and Selling Things

Hey there! Spending 4 glorious days off work. Very exciting! I decided to take the opportunity to do some sorting of stuffs. I am a very big horder of 'things', and am currently sorting into piles. These include the rubbish (time to let go!), things to donate, things to sell on eBay and stuff to keep. What I enjoy is finding some of the things you'd forgotten you'd owned, or repurposing them for something else.

Progress is slow, but I am getting there! I did find some payslips that are three years old, interestingly enough it's only $1.40ish less than what I earn now in the same job! Slow progress, but getting respectable haha.
The good quality things will end up on eBay, mostly clothing or anime stuffs like plushies and cd soundtracks. Also two pairs of shoes that I've never worn ... go figure! Maybe at the end of four days things will look a lot more respectable. I can only hope! Also hoping to raise some monies to fund my ever-growing wishlist.... Check out if I've actually managed to get some merchandise on eBay by clicking here.

Last night I went to an event with my sister and nephew, also another friend and her two daughters. It was basically someone's unit full of clothes, but retailing as a legitimate business. It ;was supposedly a night of pampering, with a bra lady there, Mary Kay cosmetics and a hairdresser; but mostly I just tried on some of the clothes and goofed off (just a little) with the girls. I did make one purchase, a purple floral tulip skirt. Most likely to be paired with a black singlet, gladiator sandals and neck jewellery.

My only purchase of the night

Until my next post, wish me luck in getting my monies... muahaha so that my clothing aspirations can come to fruition!

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