Sunday, August 29, 2010


Lately I have gotten back into sewing, which feels great!I gave up on waiting for my sewing table to be put together.... Sigh. So I put it on the kitchen bench and got my sew on!

I wanted to share with you the skirts I created.

The first one, made for when I will do balloon twisting. It is the combination of:

This (Anthropolgie I think?)


My intention is to make a matching jacket from a pattern I developed during my Fashion Design Course last year, with modifications (hearts and ruffles!). The pink Cotton Drill fabric was on sale @ $2 a metre!!! Could not resist and purchased 5 metres... I asked for it to be put on a roll. I love looking at it! hehe
The next skirt I made is from some butterfly fabric I found when I was searching in the boot of my car. I couldn't believe that I forgot all about it! I think I must have purchased it about a year ago. I've found it difficult to find skirt patterns that I like, and so I decided to make my own. Now I didn't have the means to make the pattern, but it wasn't necessary as I used my dressmakers dummy to build it and the measurements of a skirt waistband. Was really happy with how it turned out.

Buoyed be the success of the skirt, I went to Spotlight and searched for fabric to make into another skirt. I felt I hit the jackpot though! With this skirt I decided to make the waistband wider in the front and include four green buttons.

I'm thinking of making another skirt with the bird fabric for someone else. I'm usually hesitant to make things for other people, however I've gotten a few positive comments that I would like to make it and gift it to someone.

Perhaps when I get 50 followers (haha maybe aiming to high?) I'll have a contest/giveaway... Failing that I might make one to sell. Another alternative was to put up a tutorial for making a similar skirt. Any thoughts?


  1. I love the butterfly skirt! I'm not really a skirt person, but I'd wear that!
    You are very talented person!

  2. Thanks kindy Emma! :D

    Hehe when fishing for compliments from my other half he's all "looks good but I don't like the butterflies" Why, they're the best part!


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