Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And for my next posting....

Reading some blogs inspire me once more to type away! It conjures to mind many lists unwritten in my mind. I want this, I need that, to get this I must do this first.... It's always the frivilous wants that come to mind first, and then the practicalities that come with such dreams. There are blouses I want to buy... but bills come first. Feels good to be somewhat practical. It leaves me crying on the inside that we do not have J Crew in Australia as I am very much lusting after some of their beautiful camis. Here is a sample of one of them:

A beautiful top by Anthropologie

Had one of those moments when I was bidding hard on something on eBay, but then I realised I needed to step back because they obviously want it more! There will be other opportunities so I will wait until the next (hopefully cheaper!) one.

In a bit of news that is just pure awesome, I finally opened mail that I had been neglecting opening, and one of such was my certificate of completion from the last year spent doing Cert IV in Visual Arts and Contemporary Craft at CDU. Which was basically a fashion design course. Graduation will be next month, and I'm excited for the opportunity to wear the Regalia of hats and capes. Not fashion forward, but made of absolute awesome!

About blogging, from reading some others here and there, I feel quite selective in what interests me about them. For the most part I enjoy reading about ordinary girls / women (like me!) and their interests and what inspires them and gives them the motivation to fuel their blogging.
I think in order to be successful in this, you need to not be pretentious, but be yourself. Talk about what really interests you, and yet still have that something to appeal to others to compell them to read further.
Now I don't know if my ramblings would be seen in this way, but if I can make a few new online friends along the way I think that is fantastic. Nothing quite like the world getting to be a smaller and smaller place! I like to also think I am helping to boost the esteem of others by letting them know that there are indeed those out there listening to what you have to say and give them the heart to continue.
And with those words of wisdom, I will finish up with some images of the fruits of the labour from the Fashion Course:

Me wearing a dress and petticoat combo designed and made by myself

a dress designed by myself and developed by a fellow student

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