Sunday, May 30, 2010

Most Wonderful Shoes. Ever.

And so ends another week.

With it, comes some happy news! Firstly with the 'diet' ... Things went better than expected and after two weeks I actually lost 5.7kgs! I was pretty happy with that. Now I need to focus on maintaining. Hopefully it will go well! I'd love to lose even more, and so we will see how it goes. As promised, I said I'd mention what program I was on, and it is the Scarsdale Diet. I could have gotten better results if I'd stuck to it exactly... however I have bad eating habits, and I refused to eat the Grapefruit each day (wayyy to yucky!) but I had a slice of apple tea cake at a small farewell at work, and had some things off the menu at a friend's party for her daughter, but being mindful of what (also made sure to eat lots of fruit there!).

Next, I was very excited about a pair of shoes that I 'won' today on eBay! I once brought a pair that were wayyy to big for me, and have been hunting for a smaller pair ever since. The brand is T.U.K. and I even emailed them at one stage to see if they'd make more of the shoe (it was a negative!). I was prepaired to pay a lot for them... luckily it is only $67! That is exciting. I really can't wait until I get them, that's for sure! Mostly purchased to be an addition to my balloon twisting wardrobe, however they are extremely awesome and I'm sure I wear them on other occasions!

Aren't they amazing!?

I will be starting in my new job on Tuesday, I'm looking forward to the future. You can be sure you will get an update on how things go.

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