Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tonight's Post Brought to you by Hypno Kitties

Neko and Minette Valentina

Hypno kitties expect... Nay.. Demand your attention! Ever had that moment when you try to take photos of things and the cats get in the way? Of course you do. Every cat owner (slave in servitude) does, I'm sure!

If I don't even mention my slack posting you won't even notice. See? Nice 'n smooth. Thank you Hypno Kitties. Now we can move on!

Huh. Somehow the paragraph I'd prepared earlier quit... It just disappeared! Now I'll just retry it ... Something about I hope you had a great Christmas! I thought I'd share a Christmas saga with you. I was very lucky and spoilt and received an overlocker from my Sweetheart for Christmas. I can't wait to use it, I haven't much experience with one and I look forward to discovering its magical goodness! Now a tale about the sewing machine cabinet... It was a promised gift from my Sweetie and his parents for Christmas 08, purchased in the June 09 sales and finally assembled in August 10. I was also lucky enough to get a sewing machine in 08 from my parents and sister. It's great to have a workstation where I can keep everything together and hopefully have creative things happen.

The chain is something cute I threw together with my jewellery making supplies to make sure I don't lose the key to the lock! I used some beads I'd gotten from my mother, as well as the little heart shaped charm. I love that I can use something from my family's past a repurpose it to something new! The charm with the gem is taken from a necklace I took apart, brought at the Darwin Show a few years ago and never worn, haha!

Anyways, so I was saying...

I've been trying to get somewhat organised and have proper places for my sewing goodies, my packets of balloons, jewellery making supplies and general 'stuff'... My Sweetie tolerates me to have the spare room as my creative space. But absolutely no photos of that work environment until it finally gets cleaned. So needs a makeover haha! So the room is basically my girl cave (cosplay costumes hang in the cupboard!), which is great as I need oodles of room. My stuff is just to unrestrained. I want to have less stuff about that I don't use/need but getting rid of it is the hassle. Do I smell a New Years Resolution (those usually fail methinks though!)

So hopefully that was worth the rate and I'll even see if I can squeeze out one new post for the last day of 2010 tomorrow. If I don't (kinda likely!), see you in the New Year!


  1. Great blog.
    I'll be checking in often.
    I do balloon dresses as well, I wold love to know how to get into some shows. So far I've just been making them as promotional items for clients... and a few wedding and prom dresses.

  2. Thanks Mot!

    Well, we probably have a different definition for the word show as I wish as it were as exciting as yours haha. It wasn't anything professional, more like a carnival/fair.

    I think it's really great that you've been able to get them purchased by clients. The closest I came is at a Pop Culture convention (Supanova Sydney) I got the comment "You, I want You!" haha very flattering, the story was this fellow was to run his first convention in Tasmania and wanted me there in a dress. Way to far for me to travel but a cool idea :D

    I'd be interested in learning more about the art of selling if you had any tips haha Really liked your ensemble I saw on your Blog :D


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