Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dress for Under $10 - Blue Paperbag Skirt

Blue chosen to match eyes!
Recently, I purchased a bicycle (I plan on being a little active and using it too!). On my powerwalk through the shopping centre to pick up my purchase, I passed by a specials rack at Rockmans. Hanging there was some pretty coloured singlets that I couldn't ignore, marked down to $5.00.  It really made me think of Jill's 'Make it by Monday' challenge "Dress for Under $10.00", and how that would literally get me half-way there!

After I cycled my way home, I got down to sewing business. Okay, well it was after I drank about a litre of water and had to take an hour-and-a-half nap to recover from my midday bike ride!

When I came to, I got back onto track. Going through my fabric stash, I came across some light blue fabric linen/cotton blend that I had purchased on my last trip to Bali (which I'd had made into a blue tulip skirt). There was about two meters left, more than enough to do what I'd planned. 

I used this tutorial by Make It Love It as a starting point. My laptop then froze (as it is apt to do) so I made the rest up as a went along.

I tried to use shirring for the back of the skirt, but it didn't seem to work with the heavier fabric. Lesson learnt there! I ended up sewing a thick piece of elastic to make the back panel gather. Big minus is that it is visible on the inner part of the skirt but at least it cannot be seen when being worn!
I think I would prefer the skirt if it was gathered all the way around instead, as the fabric at the front was prone to falling forward, whilst the back of the skirt seemed to stay up quite well. 
I like that I can pull the skirt on and off as there is no zip, however I think the back elasticised panel could stand to be more fitted. The skirt tie is great as it definitely helps to cinch everything in. I like that the ends of the bowties sit at such a long length too.

There are things I would do differently if I were to do this skirt again, but I'm very happy that it didn't turn out too terribly. I don't know that it is flattering enough to wear many a time, however I do feel a little more unique in it!

I really love the two blues together. I received a couple of compliments for it too, which was pretty groovy. Please excuse the day-glow quality of my skin. I swear after the amount of time I spent outside (without sun protection :( ) today, I would have expected an iridescent red instead!!

Unfortunately I don't have any photos but the two above, as my Karl only had my mobile phone and my insistence on taking a photo for the contest (don't get me started on the not-so-awesome background...). Now I'd like to say this outfit only cost me $5.00 as the fabric was in my stash, and the shoes I wore were a Christmas gift from my sister. So I think I cover a couple of requisites for the link-up fun!

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