Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blog Lovin

Wow, lookit all that time between posts... Where did it all go?

I'll just put it down to starting in my new job, and focussing so much energy on that! I'm still loving the 5pm finishes, early Fridays and NO weekends! The 8am starts are a bit owie... but I'm handling it better than I thought. It was a completely different environment to move into, going from recruitment and training in a retail environment to working in an office for a business that repairs and supplies mining motors! A lot of new things to learn and I'm taking it a day at a time. But so glad that things are falling into place.
Another perk is internet access! Never would have thought I'd get that luxury at work. But I'm lovin'
Another thing that has kept me distracted, in the nicest possible way (of course!) is discovering new, readable blogs. I am attracted mostly at this time to blogs that have a strong refashioning/repurposing theme. I really enjoy reading unpretentious blogs, but am quite put off by ones that just seem so full of their own importance. I like the open honesty that many possess, others oh I don't know.... I find it a little hard to articulate, but maybe you understand what I mean?
The stand out blog that I recommend you might visit is called Ruffles and Stuff. Disney, the sites owner, just seems so lovely. She has some fantastic refashioning and repurposing tutorials, and a wonderful honesty in her words. I completed one of Disney's tutorials, on how to make a necklace inspired by Anthropologie. It was really easy, and thanks to a sale at Spotlight, economically noice*!
The pouty face is for the blurry photo haha... Nonetheless, the necklace came out cute!
This necklace was made for my best friend after I discovered the joys of jewellery making!
The latest and my favourite! Thanks Disney for opening my eyes!
And so that about finishes up what I have to say. For now. Until next-time!
PS If you have any awesome blogs you'd like to recommend I'd love know! Always looking for interesting reading material :)

*Aussie bogan-ism for nice

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