Sunday, April 25, 2010

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Feeling inspired by a day partial spent reading online Blogs. So I thought a good way to pay homage was to post once more at my own. Since last posting I can update you on how the job interview went. Quite well considering I made it to the shortlist and a 2nd interview, but I did not get the position. Which is good. No, really! Less pay and still every 2nd Saturday so no thanks. I like the idea of office hours, but not so much the idea of working in an office. We are on this world for but a short time, and what a boring way to spend it! But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Also since last posting, I have a new favourite TV show, Glee. I've been wanting to try it for a while but my other half did not like the idea. So boring! Yet I got my hands on a few episodes (now all of them!) and I was hooked from the get-go. One of the best things about the show is the character Emma Pillsbury. Slightly annoying at times, but always adorable. In particular her fashions make me go GAGA! And so I came across the aforementioned blogs I have spoken of surprised to find several blogs dedicated to her fashion. No surprise really, but very very cool.

Some blogs I find are too pretentious, and it is not many that make me want to read them all. But noteable ones I have just discovered include:

PS there is something awesome I've discovered about these blogs, you can win stuff! Now how spiffy is that? Notably, Kellie is having a giveaway of a dress from Shabby Apple. Check it out, if you've read this in time!

Something that Kellie does with her blogs is post about the clothes she finds and loves which can be inspiring. Its cute seeing the outfits she comes up with. Now I'm not saying you're about to find me posting pictures of outfits I've put together, but anything could happen. I like the optimisim and excitement it can potetially generate. But I thought that I might post some pictures of some clothes I am obsessing after, and it is my goal to own them soon!
The Owls are from a shop on Etsy
The blouse is from J Crew
Both of these Beauties are inspired by Glee. The top itself a little tricker to get as they don't sell to Australia! But luckily I hope to still get my hands on it. It would look fabulous teamed with a high waisted skirt. And so that is my mission. To help achieve this, I plan on trying to sell some things on eBay. Fingers crossed!

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