Monday, April 5, 2010

She did indeed say that...

Hello there! Nice to meet you, my name is Sonia. But maybe you already knew that.
Whilst updating my blog that I currently hold, A Rainbow of Balloons, I thought I would create a new one for me to be able to just ramble on about anything. Sometimes I type out something to share... then I think it doesn't have much to do with balloons so maybe I'll leave that out! So finally a place just to be and talk. Sometimes I look back on my online presence in the past and think omg can I change that moment? Can you delete me from that website? Some I've gone ahead and removed myself, others placed in a polite request to remove me.
So my effort is only going to be to share those things that future me won't regret, but also hopefully only share things of interest haha. So let's get to it!

Some of my hobbies include:
Balloon Twisting
Costuming / Cosplay

Chances are if you read one of my posts it will contain something to do with the above. My favourite alignment of text is justified. Just about any document I create will have that as a feature (sorry that errs on the side of boring, right?) so get used to it! :)

Other things about me:
I currently work in Human Resources as a staff recruiter and trainer. I just stumbled across an online dating profile of a co-worker (won't mention any names at all but it was a whoah moment!). Wasn't looking at online profiles by the way! I've been with my handsome other half for almost 4 years now. I'm sure he wouldn't want me talking about him much but that he wouldn't mind me sharing his name, Karl.
I also work as a balloon artist which includes working at Birthday parties, private events and teaching the occasional twisting class. Not only that I work with the Casuarina Senior College Adult Night Classes also teaching balloons. How fun is that?! (trust me, it is!)
Not content with my lot, I am looking for new employment having been with my current employer for over 11 years (who's counting?!). I actually have a job interview tomorrow, so I really hope it goes well.

How's that for an introduction? That just about completes the obligitory first post. I will plan an interesting 2nd one! haha. Please don't count on frequent updates, but I do hope that it will be sooner than the next blue moon.

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