Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Cat Lady and Her Webcam

Let's take a break from some of more traditionally posed camera photos and check out some spur-of-the-moment webcam shots of kitties!

Meet Blue. Often called Superblue, Bloo-boo and Boo-boo! A beautiful British Blue with 'tude. She didn't really want to sit still for a photo, and so this is the best of what there is haha

 Minette Valentina is a little lady. Mostly. Often called Mumma's Little Princess and Mousecat :) Loves her cuddles!

... and then there is the sad and slightly crazy look of a lady who has no cats left for cuddling :(

Yay for webcam shots! haha The first time I have used it on my new laptop and it was kind of fun.

Oh and I'm joining in an under 300 followers linky party! Go on, check it out! You know, if you want... ;)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Daenerys Qarth Cosplay - Game of Thrones

So something you may have gotten from reading my blog is that I like to Cosplay. As the last 18 months have been leading into getting ready for my wedding, costuming has taken a back seat. That is not to say I haven't been thinking about it a lot!

My time has been spent preparing costuming plans for the stunning gown worn by Emelia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. Many hours spent Googling and research is paying off! So far here is my progress... I hope to document even more as I finish this costume. My deadline is in November, when I will attend Supanova Brisbane (Brisnova)!

Some reference shots!


And some 'in progress' shots!

 The shoulder pieces and belt were commissioned from a prop maker. He is a friend of mine in Brisbane, and I think he did an amazing job!

Please excuse the dirty mirror... Xx

Now the really cool thing about my research, is not only have I come across some amazing ladies who have made this costume; one of them was able to say where she purchased her fabric from, which incidentally is the store where Michelle Clapton purchased the actual fabric used in the dress! At that time, they only had it in a white colour so she had to dye it (which incidentally she has done an amazing job of!). When I emailed the store she spoke of, they happened to have the original colour of fabric in stock!!

Right away I enquired, and now 6 metres of the fabric is on its way to me! It was pricey, that's for sure; but I hope to make it worth it! They sent me a picture of the fabric also:

And just because it is so awesome!

Daenerys is also Mother of Dragons, and this dragon cuff earring is ah-mazing! The Etsy store Marty Magic Jewelry has so many other beautiful pieces, it is so hard to pick a favourite :)

That's probably enough awesome for one post, otherwise computers will melt down from the sheer awesomeness of it all! I hope to put in more in-progress shots, and share some of my favourite links of resources that are helping me along the way. Until next time!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

So I Got Married...

So it's been a pretty long time since I was properly blogging. The big reason, was a big one... Getting married! Just thought I'd share some of my favourite pictures from the day.

Okay yes, I'm sure there would be heaps more! But I don't want to be too overloading :) It was a hectic and fun day, and I can't believe how quickly it all went! Best of all... Muahahaha... Wait for it....


No more planning! Phew. Glad to have that load of my mind. I am not the best at being organised, and of course so much organisation is needed for a wedding. Not the first bride to be faced with that dilemma, but so glad it is over :)

And lastly, here is a picture of me and my handsome man as balloons! I was planning on making a couple for the reception too, but of course the timing was not good, and I ran out of time! haha

Ah well, at least I have these to remember :)

One last picture!

Most of the photos were taken by our official photographers of the day (friends' of my Husband's family), but the last from one of my good friends who is also a photographer. I love them all! <3 p="p">

Good luck and wishes for all brides-to-be out there!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Discoveries of 2012

It has been a short while since we've 'talked', so I thought I could share some of my newest discoveries I made during my absence! Click on the images to learn a bit more about each one.

Lana Del ReyDaenerys Targaren - Game of Thrones

Once Upon A Time - Snow Whiteeverlastinglifashion

So... You maybe wonder what made the list? Read on!

  • Lana Del Rey - Amazing American songstress. Came to learn about her though a co-worker who would claim my dress sense reminded her of me! Very flattering when I saw who she was (I don't exactly see it though! :S) I heard a few of her songs and I was hooked!
  • Game of Thrones - I have chosen the image of Daenerys to illustrate my discovery! She is my favourite character of the ensemble cast. I cannot wait until season 3 airs in March! I am also planning a costume based on her outfit worn in Qarth in season 2. Of course I will share it with you all :)
  • Once Upon A Time - Another fabulous ensemble cast performance bringing beloved characters to life (those we love, and love to hate)
  • Embellished Shoes - Whilst looking for wedding shoes, I was agape when I found these beautiful shoes from Etsy seller Everlastinglife. Out of my budget however, and would have arrived too late... But how gorgeous are they? Please visit her store, she has some ah-mazing shoes! I would love to do something very similar for a shoe makeover. If I do, I will share :)
  • iPad and iPhone - Purchased one of each within the last year, which was great. My sadness though is that my iPhone fell out of my back pocket into the toilet! Sigh.... I'm planning on getting a new one again when I can save up the money again!
  • Bootcamp - I joined Bootcamp in January with the intentions to lose weight for my impending wedding. I was immensely pleased with my results, loosing 10 kilos (22 pounds) over the 6 months I attended. I have put on a couple of kilos thanks to amazing food on my Honeymoon, but I'm back again! I look forward to increasing my fitness even more. I was also so happy that I went from walking/jogging for a short spell all the way to being able to run 5K's, within a short spell. I hope to maintain this ability, and will be sad when I lose it haha

I'm certain there are more discoveries I've made, but I look forward to making more! Do you share any of my interests?

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Who doesn't love a good makeover?

Hey, wouldn't you know it... I'm still around! It has been many phases of the moon since I last posted, and that makes me sad! Did you notice the change of title? Probably only if you are a follower!

When I first came up with the blog title, it felt like genius! Thinking it would be a platform to say what I wanted (within reason!) and feel satisfied by that. Then I realised, that wasn't really necessary. But there was my blog title and hence it stayed. I've toyed with the idea of starting a new blog, but I thought that was highly unnecessary. I already have posts I like on this blog, no need to start afresh! But my idea is that I can make this blog whatever I want it to be.

I am planning a makeover of sorts and would also like to get into regular posting. So if you see some changes, yay; I'm glad you noticed. I hope for you to hear from me soon (and vice versa) ;) So just keeping this short and sweet and I'll be back sooner than my last absence! 

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