Monday, April 1, 2013

How to be a flower Queen...

Recently it was my birthday, and I knew I wanted to have a Murder Mystery party! Gee-wiz was it a lot of fun! Next year though I think it would be my birthday wish to have someone else host it for me ;)

The week before, I started planning my costume. I knew that I wanted to hit a second-hand store or two, so I made this first on my agenda. I was quite pleased when I found a purple dress for a whopping $1, and had a few ideas on how to jazz it up. But it was when I went to the second store that I found this:

I knew I could count on 'The S Shop' (codeword my sister and I use for the Salvos!)
 The sales lady told me all items with a blue tag were half off. Did this dress have a blue tag? Yes it did! And it fit! (Well, okay around the waist it did but I was not voluptuous enough for the top... O well!) I was pretty pleased with spending a modest $5 I must say... 

Next up came the shoes. I sussed out the sales rack at Betts, and picked up this silver pair for $20. Then about $30 worth of fake flowers were purchased from Spotlight. I hit up the sales shelves at Lovisa and Big W for some silver and rhinestone bling-bling jewellery as befitting a Queen....

My last stop before heading home was to visit my old place of work. Here I scored sooo much copper! I really thought it was too much, but bless Virgil, he just kept giving me more! haha

So what did I do with it all? I did this....

Despite a few burns from my hot glue-gun, I had fun making these! I was highly inspired by Sherri Baldy and her amazing fantasy crowns as I created my crown fit for a queen.

 I was going to buy a crown, but I honestly didn't find any that really made my heart a-flutter. I think there could be a market for this. For young and old Princesses alike :) I actually am entertaining the idea of making some crowns to sell, what do you think?  

So how did everything look when it was put all together?? Here are just a couple of pictures from the night:

Like I said before, it was a great night! Once all the planning of this was out of the way, I was free to create my dress tutorial for Daenery's Qarth gown. So I know it was worth the delay! haha

Oh, and if you're planning a Murder Mystery of your own, I purchased a digital download for my party from (The Immortal Murders!). They are a lot of fun for all involved!


  1. oh you look sooo cute!! i love your blog too by the way :)

    1. Thanks so much Hunnah! Likewise I say hehe

  2. hello- i love your blog and i am absolutely inspired.
    can you tell me where can i purchase the sticker face (eyes mouth etc) on sofia the first that you used? thanks in advance.


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