Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Exciting Developments?

Thought I'd start out with a funny story. Well its not really a story, but rather something kind of embarassing that is easily laughed over!
Whilst trying to compliment a co-worker on the neat ironing displayed, especially on his sleeves, it came out more like this: Nice ironing with the arm-cover thingies. It gave us in the office a bit of a laugh. I can imagine my sewing teacher looking very unimpressed! haha =P
Anyone out there reading have a funny example of when they've said the wrong thing? I'd be interested in a good laugh!

Well some exciting news.... I was offered a job today! As I have had two interviews on the one day, I thought perhaps it be best to wait until the outcome of the 2nd is determined. I'm pretty happy either way, as it means I can change over to a new job and learn new skills which would be pretty awesome! Both places have a uniform for the shirt, so no pretty blouses there (sigh) but at one of them the interviewer was wearing jeans! How's that for laidback? For the record, it was at the one that I thought would be more corporate, wearas the other is a family owned business.
It will feel so strange and different not working in my current role... Given that's been the company I've been with the last 11 years... But the future can be anything. To me, the thought of a job that is Monday - Friday 8-5 is pretty awesome. No weekends, no late evenings... Bliss! The possibilities that come from this includes that if I want to do things in the evenings, such as walking, evening classes, socialise; I can! Not being too dark or even late to do these sorts of things.

In other news, I am currently on a diet. Lately the scales have scared me into action, and so here it goes! Currently I am on day 2... so far so good. I don't actually own a set of scales and so I'm not sure how the progress will be. It is for 14 days only and so only 12 to go! Not so bad, right? If I happen to get some good results I will share the diet that I'm on. Maybe it can help inspire others, but I don't want to share it until I road test it.

I couldn't believe it when my other half had lasange and garlic bread for dinner! Oh man, when these fourteen days are over I am so going to need lasange. That is a given.

And finally, I discovered an online rainbow! It is so beautiful and inspiring, and it really makes me interested in learning more about photography. ColorMeKatie is just so amazing and so I recommend you visit her if you are looking for some blog reading that is lighthearted, fun and just wonderful. Her photos are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Here is an image I'd thought I'd share with you too, a cute retro 80's blouse I recently purchased from eBay. It is covered in small colourful spots and I really hope to wear it with some colour! Can't wait until it arrives!

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