Sunday, May 23, 2010

Graduation is Grand

And so time for another blog. A lazy Sunday afternoon spent doing not much at all. The best kind! The morning was spent cleaning, good though as the place is looking great. Or at least a lot better.
Friday evening, I finally graduated from the course I completed last year. It was a hot afternoon, but I was pretty excited at the idea of wearing the robes! Unfortunately I have missplaced my camera cord, but will provide some pics when I can. Embarassing moment as I stumbled down the stairs, but at least I didn't fall! They had a fellow there to ensure just that. Luckily.
In other news, I have accepted the job offer to work in the office offering a good variety of tasks which will help me to learn many new things. I will be starting on the 1st of June which is pretty exciting. One of the first things they will get me to do is buy a pair of steel-capped boots. The more unusual part of my outfit! Another nice thing is that I'm told I'll get to help pick the new shirt for the office, as there will only be two of us wearing it anyway. Nice.
In diet news, I think things have been going well. I don't have a set of scales, so not sure where I stand weight-wise. However, I've lost about 1.5cms of the hips so that's something celebrate. One of my pairs of trousers that usually sit uncomfortably is now feeling so much better and these are tangible differences that help to monitor my progress. 7 more days to go, and let's hope it gets even better.

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