Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's all about the Birds and the Beads

Been feeling quite creative lately. This usually translates into the work I do with balloons, but also sewing, jewellery-making and writing have played apart in the last couple of weeks. So a little bit on each!
Balloons: was able to replicate a design I have coveted for a short while now. Based on the works of Patrick Van De Ven. Was quite excited as they are just about as realistic you can get with balloons!
Then sewing.

Imagine this skirt:

With these pockets:In hot pink. Oh yes.

Excited? I am haha! I've all but finished the skirt, just requires some finishing stitches. And then I'm planning on making a matching jacket from a pattern I created during my sewing course next year, with a few adaptations. Planning also on making a purple skirt in the style too. Will show you pictures to if this eventuates!

Jewellery making wise I made a necklace for one of my fantastic friends for her birthday. It utilised a statement piece pilfered from my mother's crafty bits. I really like the idea of using something in a new way. Brings some history to it!

Lastly writing. Have you ever heard of National Novel Writing Month? It gives would-be novelists the opportunity to write that 'one day' novel. Basically you have one month to write 50,000 words. Visit the website to find out more, it sounds pretty exciting. I'd heard about it several years ago but I'd forgotten about it by the time it came round! So this November I will participate and write about characters that have been in my head for too long! haha
That's the 'weekly' round-up in crafts. I will finalise my skirt and the rainbow belt and include it in my next post! Cheers!

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