Saturday, July 24, 2010

Is there such a thing as too many Rainbows?

Last few weekends have been pretty busy! Looking forward to the one where I can just relaaaax! Unfortunately not quite there yet! Mostly it's because of all the ballooning work (which is good, extra money for me!) but also the fun and excitement of attending not one, but two shows! Also won some prize money. Yay!
I had high hopes for my balloon dress, sadly it was not meant to be :( but I did win a 2nd for it. After having been sitting about for 5 days it looked worse for wear, but that's Darwin weather for you! Here is some pictures I took of my dress the night it was made:

This next picture is a ring I purchased at the Katherine Show, sterling silver and mother of pearl. It's pastel colours really appeal to me! And I also purchased a sterling silver puzzle ring from the Darwin Show, with a difference. It has a sweet looking frog that sits in the centre. A little different, alot cute! I'd include a photo, but as you can see from this ring picture, my camera is not so good with macro shots :(

Now, people who know me know I like rainbows. In fact, if you haven't visited my website, it's called A Rainbow of Balloons. One of the things I enjoy doing is finding quirky clothing/shoes with the rainbow theme. The fabulous T.U.K. shoes of an earlier post, the funky 80's shirt... (those shoes are a tad too small.... at the shoe man's getting made biggerer!) May I present to you the latest shoes of awesomeness?

If you happen to know of some fabulous rainbow confection that you'd think I'd like.... Please please please let me know! Most of the things I do buy with the intention of wearing as I twist balloons, but some just need more wear time! haha
Hopefully soon I will be inspired to do some sewing. Despite learning a fantastic array of things last year... I haven't made any dresses since that weren't made of balloons! Scary, isn't it? Working on some clothing modifications too, such as the army jacket makeover I'm in the middle of doing. I hope to share more with you in my next post. I've got a vision! (also I purchased some rainbow sarongs at the show which I plan on making into a dress and a matching table runner... all for the balloons of course!) Also some jewellery plans.... I'm feeling inspired! I might just have to do a seperate post and get peeps to help encourage me! hehe

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