Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cert IV Series Part Deux

For the next round of the series is the 2nd 'major assignment of my Cert IV in Fashion Design... Meet:

.: The Effective Butterfly :.

It's name comes from the fact that the over-aching theme of the year was mutation, and it mutated from a butterfly. The original concept of the dress was created by Helen, my partner. For this task we were to create a dress for our client, another classmate. We did this by sitting down and discussing the design ideas, and then constructing them. It was a fun project, but I did get a little stressed to the end! Luckily I had such a lovely partner in Helen!

I really like how the skirt and top combo turned out, I have thought that I'd like to try something like that one day!

For the display in the cabinet, Helen put up the decorations and I think she did a smashing job. I love that I made it (I wish I was the only designer hehe)

The organza coming from the collar is to signify the wings emerging from the cocoon. The golden satin is the armor of the cocoon. I love the high collar, definitely something I want to try on an outfit I make for me!

One of the very best things about doing my course was meeting Helen. She's like my 2nd mother almost haha! She was always looking out for me (and feeding me!) and I'm lucky to know her.

And effectively, that's it!
The lessons that I gained from this assignment... Is if you're not sure wht a lecturer is suggesting.... ask! I didn't quite understand what she was encouraging me to do at one stage, ergo unpicking and a lot of hand sewing followed!

Blog Hop!

Blog hops look like great fun. Hopefully you get more visitors, and best of all you can see lots of new (to me) talent and follow new blogs!

Anyways, this one should be fun... I look forward to checking out everyone's blogs!


Friday, February 25, 2011

Cert IV Series

I've been wanting to do some posts to show you what I got up to my Cert IV in Fashion Design that I completed in 2009. So first off is a post about the first assignment that we did... so meet

( PART I )
.: The Lantern Dress :.

Yes, my dummy ate too many sweets. It fits me fine though! 

First assignment off the bat was a lantern dress. What is that you say? We had to design and construct a dress that would facilitate having a lantern suspended inside it, design and print our own silk-screen print, and incorporate the course theme of mutation (whew!). The fabric colours we drew out of a cloth bag, and given that I didn't get my first choice of pink... I got blue. Which would have been my 2nd choice, so score! Oh yes, and it had to be hung in a tree!

I will admit I was a little disappointed in to lack of embellishment, however one lecturer was 'it doesn't fit your theme' whilst the other lecturer said 'why didn't you put in what you'd discussed/planned?'... I wish they'd communicate more! haha Now, I've missplaced my portable hard drive from the time, which has the clearer version of the screenprinted design. If I get my hands on it, I'll add it to the blog one day.

To the side there is the dress design that I created for my portfolio. I 'painstakingly' used a scanned version of my fishy design for the digital image.

The final fit of the dress was like a glove. That felt pretty amazing, I tell you what!

The dresses went on display (of course in the tree!) at the 2009 Darwin Fringe Festival. Wouldn't you know it, the dresses got pooped on, mine by far the worst! At least it wasn't stolen, like one of the dresses. That cut the display short for fear another dress would be stolen. But how amazing (despite the blurriness) do they look?!

Inspired by a famous photoshoot... so famous I don't know it's name!

Even though my lament is that my dress is kinda plain, I do think it looks rather like a lamp shade! hehe

So that's it for my first post on the subject of my course, look out for part II for my next show 'n share which will be all about Big Assignment #2! I really hope you've enjoyed learning a little more about what I like to do!

Welcome, Dallas John!

Remember how I said in my last post I have been busy lately? This is how it's gone down since last Monday....

Monday 14th: I hear cries of "Help!". I threw my clothes on and ran outside and found my elderly neighbour who'd fallen down and was in pain.
I waited with her until the ambulance was able to come, keeping her company. I'd never spoken a word to her before that day! (been neighbours for 4 years!)
Then of course off to work, then off to my 2nd job.

Tuesday 15th: we had a Cyclone (Hurricane) warning.

Wednesday 16th: we had the Cyclone (not so bad, only a category 1)

Then the weekend flowed something like this:

Saturday 19th: I got a new baby nephew! His name is Dallas John, born to my sister. He looks just like his older brother, Brook David! He is a gorgeous little bundle of baby.

I decided to also visit Barb in the hospital on the weekend. It was a task finding her, as I didn't know her last name, but some nurses in the public hospital in Ward 3 (funnily enough my sister is a nurse in Ward 3 too!) were able to help me out. It turned out she was in the Private hospital next door. I had decided to take for her a balloon rose with a ladybug because who doesn't love balloons? Barb really got a kick out of them which was great.

Saturday 19th: visiting my sister-> work-> sister.
Sunday 20th: breakfast with partner and his family-> sister-> work-> Barb-> sister.

Monday 21st: an External Audit at work day 1-> sister in hospital

Tuesday 22nd: Audit day 2. Luckily the fellow was a great laugh, good sense of humour!

Friday 25th: Realised a certain company we deal with at work only seems to hire cute guys with easy smiles and great accents. I <3 my job

Can I just say I'm feeling a little overworked? 13 days in a row of working (blaugh) 14 is tomorrow... Training in the morning and Balloon Twisting at a party in the evening.

I am sooo looking forward to next weekend. I hope things remain un-eventful then (unless it's cuddle time with my favourite baby!)

Hoping to be a little more active very soon with my blog, catch you then!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Knowing Me, Knowing You

February has been a month on the go for me! The most wonderful thing however, would be the birth of my little nephew Dallas John! I'm thrilled to bits as you can imagine, he is a very sweet little man. He is my 2nd nephew and my sisters' 2nd child. He looks just like his brother Brook! (Let's just hope he's not as mischievous!)

So since it is fun and easy to answer, I decided to join in with the fun that started at To Sew With Love (I love the name BTW!)

What kind of music do you like?
Lots of songs from the 80's and 90's. ABBA is one of my favourites. The entire music collection of Phantom of the Opera.

Which place would you definitely like to visit?

Japan would be number one on my list, and has been for years!

What is the greatest thing you have ever done, so far?

All of my sewing/craft achievements. My mother is very crafty and passed it onto me! 

What are the three things that you cannot live without?

Aside from the given essentials (my family and my sweet kitties)
  • Computer/internet connection!
  • Balloon twisting paraphernalia
  • Sewing Machine

what song is stuck on your head right now?
I Hate Everything About You - Ugly Kid Joe. Probably because I've been listening to it wayyyy to much in my car!

what three things can always be found in your refrigerator?

In an ideal world... always something yummy! In reality
  • Water (it's my favourite drink!)
  • Cheese (everything tastes better with cheese!)
  • Frozen vegetables (practical and easy!)

What three things can always be found in your purse?

  • Mobile phone
  • Wallet
  • Glasses case

Well I think that about wraps it up. That was fun :) Thanks TSWL for having a fun linky party! Now if only I could get the linky code to work below...

Oh, and by the way.... I am super excited as Lelani one of the lovely ladies of TSWL is sending me a lovely package. I don't know what is in it, other than a handmade (with love) item... but I'm excited to find out! Stay tuned for sometime soon having an opportunity to gain something from myself too hehe
Get the blog hop code here:

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Token of Love

Ever had one of those weeks where it all gets too much? That was my (last) week. Early into this one, I got a sweet surprise! A gift from my handsome man, just because.

He is such a sweetheart. I came home as he was heading out, went out myself and got my special cat food (not for me haha one of my sweet kitties!) and came home and watched Britain's Next Top Model... When I finally went in our bedroom this is what I found. He was wondering why I hadn't called him sooner, because of course I rang him right away!

I love my man!

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