Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Sunflower Diaries

Today I had a pretty rough day at work. Stressed to the max! So when I got home all I felt like was sleeping, but my man had other ideas. So, off we went to buy some plants for the front garden. Long story short, my sweetheart brought me some sunflower seeds and a planter. And thus, a new feature was born!

I've always loved sunflowers and for whatever reason have never gotten around to trying to grow some. The variety I chose is Dwarf Sunsation:

It might not look like much yet.. But I'm going to be pretty excited in 10-12 days!

And the ever-vigilant Neko the neko* will be keeping watch to ensure no harms comes to the planter!

Under the direction of Mr Fothergills I cannot fail!

As I take this exciting step, I'll hope you'll follow along! If you have any gardening tips I'd love to hear them. IF my gardening actually happens, I hope that this will be just one of my gardening adventures... I have my eye on strawberry seedlings ;)

*neko = Japanese for Cat

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