Sunday, January 16, 2011

Necklace to Earrings Tutorial

Recently in the 'Great Post-Christmas Sales' I purchased a cute necklace from Lovisa. At $5 from $20... felt like a great deal! The only problem was as cute as it was, it wasn't very wearable. Whilst being worn the chains would get quite messy and I don't think it did the cute birds justice. So I decided to give it a re-fashion!

You will need:
Necklace for repurposing
Needle nose pliers
Wire cutters
Earring hooks

Jump rings (I used ones on existing findings)

Firstly, start off by using the wire clippers to remove the chain from the existing jump-rings of the necklace pendants. I also removed the gold and blue beads to save for another project, another day. I dislike the chain so that was discarded. This is what you will be left with: the pendants. Chose the same colour of metal for the earring hooks, this will help it to look more like a shop purchase and less DIY.

With the needle nose pliers, gently open the end of the earring hook by bending it slightly on an angle. It is a little fiddly, but you will need it to attach the pendant's slip ring to the hook. Sorry for the blurring, my camera was trying it's best!

This is what it will look like once the pendant's slip ring is in place.

Once the pendants are in place, again you will need the needle nosed pliers. Gently close the open end of the earring hook back into its original position. Much easier than it sounds. Repeat previous steps for the other earring. I wanted to ensure that the birds will be facing each other, so I used the needle nosed pliers to gently rotate the end holding the bird into such a position that the pretty design would be facing anyone looking at me, and facing the other birdie!

Finally, you have your statement earrings! The whole project took only about 5 minutes! I love the asymmetrical look that the statement earring gives. Hmmm... I'd also love it if they were the same each side, but that's less of a statement for sure!

Here is one of the finished earrings. Please excuse the gimpy look on my face. I don't much like it either :P I may possibly make this one shorter. We'll see! Now I just need a somewhat glam event to wear them to....
If you need any further information on the tools used in this tutorial, please don't hesitate to ask. I will look at doing a post that contains the terminology a bit better also.


  1. so cute! would love for you link up at our crafty saturday link up party!

  2. Thanks so kindly! I would love too, thanks for inviting me :D


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