Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Only Online

Frustrated at the attempts I'd been making to open Zipped files on mylaptop with WinZip, I decided to uninstall it as the trial version had long expired and I had files I couldn't open on my computer. Here is how you can do it yourself...

First visit WinZip online:

From there, click on the link Download WinZip

Next, on "Get it Free"

Then "Get WinZip free with TrialPay"

The next thing you need to do is pick your preferred option for getting the free WinZip Standard,valued at $29.95. I chose the offer with Snapfish which allowed me toupload 20 of my own photos and have them printed free! Very cool (or so I thought). The only thing you need to pay with this offer is postage, which for the 20 photos was only $2.95. (woo, photos like my balloon dresses with a click of the mouse!) Trying to get the best value for money, I believe as far as things go, paydirt was found. Now I can un-Zip all the cool stuff.

But wait, there's more!!

Case in point; remember the Super Nintendo? Of course you do. Some years ago on a computer I'd downloaded a Super Nintendo Emulator for my computer. And with that, a Nintendo game called "Sailor Moon: Another Story". The greatest thing about that is..

A): I was too young to even know wait a Sailor Moon was when it was first released and
B): The game was never released in English.
C): There is more than one Sailor Moon game available!

(photo credit to sailor-games.com)

Not only can you play the Sailor Moon games, but also classics like Super Mario Bros! Ultra Geeky Cool.

I wouldn't tease you with these possibilities without download links!

Visit http://fantasyanime.com/emuhelp/emulators.htm for a variety of different Emulators
Visit http://www.sailor-games.com/nintendo.html to find many different Sailor Moon Games

(I chose to go with Snes9X v1.52 for Windows.)

Getting things up-and-running is super easy, but don't forget to look at the Read Me files, or the helpful people who run the websites. Have fun and enjoy re-discovering old classics!

See-ya! Got some cool games to go play... :D

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