Monday, January 3, 2011

New Look, Pink Car

With the new year, I'd like to start things of with a fresh new blog makeover! I hope you like it. I played more with the ability to tweak Blogger's settings and am liking the cleaner look and feel.

Todays post is about making decisions, and celebrating pretty things. Late last year, I've had a couple of thoughts about where I'm going. I've decided I want to get there is style! I only got my driver's licence at 23 and brought my 1st (2nd hand) car six months later. I've decided to buy a new one this year! Hoping to have the finances prepared by the end of March, sticking to a (almost) strict no-spending policy.

^ This is my aim. The prices is right... and the colour? Definitely right. Time will tell if it's the actual car I buy, if my other half has his say! The car is a Suzuki Alto, and from my research into it, great value for money and one of the safest cars and least likely to break down, according to an elextrical engineer I visited. So what is not to love?! I'm trying to cut down on buying things I don't need.

Now on a that topic; this is what broke my policy:

They are gorgeous (hopefully genuine vintage) brooches that I most definately be wearing. The main instance will be when I wear my balloon twisting outfits for my balloon twisting business A Rainbow of Balloons. The price was very right though, and it would be almost impossible to make no purchases until the car is purchased, right?

Emma Pillsbury is my style icon, and until I can wear her clothes more mainstream, my outlet is my costumes I wear. I'd only love to wear those kind of outfits more often, but don't really have the reason to *sadface*.

As you can see, my new favourite brooch is used in the header design. I'd be happy to assist any fellow bloggers who may have an image they'd like to use if they'd like me to try making on for them? Drop me a line if interested!

That's it for now, until next time!

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