Sunday, January 9, 2011

More Changes and a Tutorial to Come

Got myself a haircut today, a short one at that! It's the shortest it has ever been and it certainly feels different. I feel a little, but not a lot; Hipster... in a way. That very idea is odd. I had a couple of reasons for the change, the biggest one being that I've been colouring my hair since about 16 when my sister thought I'd be a great idea to bleach my hair! On and off since then my hair has been though various steps of colour and growing out. I've been biding my time for a while now, thinking "I'll get all the colour cut out when it's long enough". Finally impatient, I went with it. I'm finding it quite refreshing as I've never had hair this short.

My other half is making me laugh by saying I look like Vince of the Mighty Boosh. Silly male haha but it makes me laugh :D

Also, in other news! I am putting together a tutorial on how to make this:

It's a cute little shirred dress for a little girl. In fact, going to be giving it as a belated Christmas gift to a daughter of some friends of mine. In regards to the tutorial, I've taken all the photos, but need to edit them and write the words. I'm kind of excited as it is my first one. I hope to make others, infact a skirt like one worn by Nicole Richie is the next one I'm planning. Hopefully all goes well!

Cheerio then!

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