Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blog Spotlight: Grograin!

One of my favourite inspiration blogs is Grograin. If you love beautiful makeovers of clothing, you will love this site. Best of all, she shows you step-by-step how she does it! I became aware of Kathleen's blog though WWEPW (What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?) ((<- fabulous site by the way!)), during Embellish Your Knit Month, with her re-make of the a Kate Spade cardigan. I think the one on Grograin is much more fabulous though!

Currently, it is Shoe Sugar Month; and it's as sweet as it sounds! So many ideas and of course tutorials that will have you lusting after just about everything she makes. I haven't looked back through all of her archives yet, because the quality of her output is high and there is always new content to look at.

At the moment, she is having a giveaway of a Sizzx Machine. Never heard of one? Neither had I, until I've seen some of the amazing things she has made with one. And so now I really would love one! Check out the link below, or better yet-- Don't! haha You might lower my chances by 0.000001% ;) Seriously though, if you love crafting and sewing blogs... Add Grograin to your "stalk" list!

Here are a few images to my favourite creations of hers. Have fun discovering your own!

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