Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Heartcatch PrettyCure for Supanova!

The time is coming up fast for Supanova 2011:

What is Supanova you ask? It is a Pop-Culture convention that I have previously mentioned on my blog. Actually... *scratches head* Have I? Possibly not on this blog though... Anyway! It's a fantastic opportunity to get dressed up in your favourite costume and have a lot of fun. For me, it's also the unfortunate matter of last minute madness, sewing right up to the night before, or early hours of that day.
I don't know that this year will again be anything different... I am a classic procrastinator. But here is the costume I am going to attempt to make:

Check out these two ladies:

Absolutely adorable, right? Out of all my costume research, they are my absolute favourites! I am planning on doing the pink costume, Cure Blossom. One of the most exciting parts about doing a new costume is the research. I also love seeing how others have interpreted the design.

So where am I at with my progress? So far I have the boots:

I had them made in Bali when my mother went over recently. There is a lovely man Ali located at the Bali Dynasty who has always come through for me with my cosplay boots, gloves and even belts! Then there is the clothing... So easy to get carried away! I 100% recommend them, if you ever want their details.. Let me know! The slight variation to what I was hoping for is that the flower has been sewn directly to the boot, instead of the petals being free. Nonetheless, they are still insanely adorable, yes?!

Now I just need to work on sourcing other aspects of the costume! I already have my eye on a wig from this seller (click the image to see the auction):

So slowly I am getting there... however I need to get my motivation hat on, and get to making a toile of the costume! Tic tic tok! I have until the End of March.

Wish me luck! Or better yet... loan me your motivation... Thanks! hehe

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