Sunday, January 6, 2013

Photo Challenge = Accepted.

It is my intention to attempt the challenge of taking a photo a day for each and every day of the year. I may not be able to fulfill this challenge, however I want it to be something fun and allow me to reflect on the good times of 2013 :)

I will try not to double up where possible in other postings, and the pictures will be a combination of my iPhone and my DSLR. I hope things don't get too repetitive, so I will do my best to throw in as much variety as possible. After all, 365 days is a long time :S

Onto the pictures for the week!

1/01: Lake Alexander @ East Point

2/01: Sailor Moon costume I am working on

3/01: Batman balloon ordered by client

4/01: My Lime Crime eyeliners arrived (only took about 5 weeks! :P) 

5/01: My Mousecat!

6/01: I took Cheap Cheep to the beach/foreshore for an excursion 

So this helps me get the motivation to post at least once a week, and helps me to get a bit more creative with photography. Also it was a great excuse to soak up some atmosphere at the foreshore!

Oh, and why don't you check out my About Me page? I did a revamp today and after innumerable takes, I filmed a welcome video which may (or may not!) be a bit fun for you to watch. Don't let my efforts be in vain! ;)

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