Friday, January 4, 2013

Halloween Deco and Dressing

Playing with makeup and a
wig before the big day
Probably one of the last things you think a blogger would post about is Halloween in the month of January. But I thought it would be fun to share with you these pictures regardless!

I am Australian, and without fail you will hear people dismiss Halloween as being American and having no reason to be celebrated in Australia. I of course disagree, but I won't get into that debate here! Luckily most people would agree that it's all in fun and even my workplace had a lot of fun getting involved. So the pictures I am about to share with you are from my place of work, but I am being careful not to show pictures of others where you can see their face ;)

Right, it's down to business!

Time for mid morning toy cuddles ;)
Hard at work ...

... Or is it hardly working???

I made the witch... I hope she does not look lame? haha

Just another work day, yes?
Cookie Monster's Evil Brother :)

The Skeleton danced to "Moves Like Jagger" and the cat crooned to "Black Magic Woman" 

From another team... But I loved it!

My shoes with the cute skull hair clips and jack-o-lantern brooch 

My dress is one I commonly wear to work, but I dug out and wore underneath the pettiskirt I made back in '09 as seen in its early days here and here. I threw on two of my skinny belts and had fun with my pencil eyeliner on my eyebrows, and Lime Crime liquid liner for my eyes and cheek and Lime Crime black lipstick.  I decided against wearing a wig and went with my own hair (my Mr also agreed to that!) Corporate meets Halloween! haha ;)

It was great to see so many in the Halloween spirit and I got a thrill to see our office everyday <3 :=":" ahh...="ahh..." memories="memories" p="p">
I really love how my candlesticks turned out! The single candle is made from a dollar store skeleton ornament and a brass goblet-esque container I found in my parents shed months earlier. The candle is an amazing one from Dusk that looks like it is bleeding as it melts.

Workstation in its glory!

I think that's enough pictures, isn't it? I really should share my Christmas workstation photos... But that would more likely be oh say Easter with my success rate? hehe I will leave you with this last one of me making magic... 

Hocus Pocus!

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