Saturday, May 28, 2011

See them in Action!

I love making my clothes. It makes them unique to me, and fun. I always love when I get that look. If you make your own things, you know the one. That look of disbelief and awe when you proudly declare 'I made it myself'. There is also that great feeling that you get, the satisfaction that comes with you knowing that those added extras you did are all from your own experiments and pulling together favoured elements into one cohesive design...

Anyway, so the point of this post is to show some of my clothing as worn my me. Not all of it, because I don't have the pictures. And I don't mean the ones I have to coerce my long-suffering fiancee to take for me for the promise of a massage! So I shall carry on...!

The first is my dress created from Simplicity Pattern 2497. I followed a nautical theme with the fabric choices, and added a pleated skirt and shoulder embellishments (see the original post here). After wearing the dress for the first time, I didn't like the sleeves. So with a nervous snip snip... Off they came. I'm glad that I prefer the look sleeveless!

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to snap a full-length picture of the dress. These photos were taken at a family day out at the Freds Pass Rural show. The two gorgeous young boys are my nephews. Such sweet little men!

The next garment is a top I designed from a costume I had made. It was adapted from my Cure Blossom costume to be a top instead of the original dress. I wore this to an afternoon at the races. My headwear is also one of my own creations... Read more about it on my other blog, A Rainbow of Balloons.

Next up on my project list to make is a purple skirt with pink self-made piping. I've never made piping before... so it should be an interesting project. I will let you know how it goes! Also I am craving to make this fantastic bag from The Boy Trifecta... Again, I will show you (if it turns out good! hehe)

Until next time!

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