Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How Cure Blossom Transformed

If you read my last post here, you would have seen some behind-the-scenes pictures of the construction of the toile.

And so here are some pictures of the finished costume. It was very exciting to see everything just fall into place and no major issues at all! 

The sleeves were made from my custom sleeve block, very easy to do I tell you what! It ever interested in a tutorial, more than happy to help. 

The wig arrived the Friday the week before I was to go, so that was quite lucky. It came from China actually is in two parts. There is the base wig and then the ponytail which attaches with a large hair grip. It was lucky that I finished the costume in time, as I procrastinated a little thinking the wig mightn't show up; one of those things that is handy if you order earlier!

My wrist accessories were made in such a hurry on my sewing machine before I caught my flight to Brisbane. Mostly thrown together in the last hour and the sewing in the 10 minutes before the taxi arrived. I know, cutting it close!

When I arrived at Brisbane, I still had hand sewing to complete. That is; the lining of the dress and sewing flower accessories. The brooch was made after a hurried trip to Lincraft to buy the supplies. Lincraft, how I love the organisiation and the range of thee. So so much better than my local Spotlight.

I made the balloon mini-me to carry around on the Sunday of the convention. She was very cute (if I do say so myself hehe) It's quite funny that it was someone's balloon interpretation of Cure Blossom that first made me aware the character existed. My how things can come a full circle!

 Something about me that may or may not be obvious, is that I love the colour pink. Funnily enough, most of my costumes are of that colour in varying hues. This one here I also made, which I'll give you a gold star if you know what series I am from. It's a little harder because it never actually exists in colours other than black, white and grey.





If you guessed Imperial Officer from Star Wars, I am impressed! It's intended as a Barbie-fied version really, just for laughs. I made all; the hat, jacket and skirt. I was miffed as I couldn't find my pink gloves before I left Darwin, and well I don't have a proper rank bar; so I pinned by favourite Pegasus brooch to my shirt.


  1. OMG! I LOVE the costume! You need to check out Spanish Town Mardi Gras ball. There is lots of pink going on. I need your wig! Stay in touch and I will send you pictures of our past costumes...

  2. Thanks so much! <3 I'd love to see more of these pictures, let me know where to find them :D

    Here is the link from the seller whom I purchased the wig from:

  3. these costumes are so cute and so is your mini you! thanks for sharing, Sonia!


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