Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cure Blossom Cosplay... Complete!

Do you remember this post about my plans for Supanova? Well much to my amazement... I finished my costume in time! If in time includes the hand sewing I did at the hotel.. Which it does totally count as it was finished before the day I was to wear it.

For me, this outfit was the first thing I utilised my skills from my Fashion Design course. I drafted the costume completely from scratch, which feels good I tell you what. No commercial or online tutorial in site. Well I did get some inspiration from We Got to Live our Dreams like People on TV. Can I just say I love looking at blogs that have designers and their toiles and the creations that become. Very cool.

You know how it is, right? You're making a sewing project and you're all "look at me, I'm taking photos" the whole idea of documenting the journey. Well I started out that way, taking photos... then when it came to the construction of the costume, I got absorbed in what I was doing and the photos dwindled and died.

 You can click on each picture to view larger version

This is the first version of the toile. The next Friday evening I went to my bestie's (and partner in fashion) house to help me fit it to my body. What we discovered is that I made it way too short. I didn't want to start from the beginning, so I added calico pieces to the bottom to extend it.


The neckline has evolved in the process, starting up too high, then an odd shape, and finally to where you see it in the above booby shot. Which I think is the best of all three. Something valuable I learnt with the toile from my last Cert IV project, is not all necklines will suit. So don't forget to play around!

This is about where my zest for photo-taking dwindled. Alas! I did think that was all but realised I still had these extra 3 on my SD card! Lucky you :D hehe

I do hope you are ignoring some of the messier back-grounds! And that my friends is where the photo taking well and truly died.

But I can tell you the hardest parts of the construction on the costume was making sure the criss-crossing straps lay nicely, and ensure that the skirt wouldn't show too much booty. At least I achieved the straps challenge! +1 sewing to me.

Look out for my next post which is the finished garment! I'm excited to share it... But I will make you wait. Just a little mind you... So I'm not throwing out too many posts all in one day hehe.

If you are looking to make your own Cure Blossom cosplay and have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask! I am always happy to help where I can.

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