Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cert IV Series Part Quattro

Slower than a sleeping tortoise, here is the fourth part of my Cert IV series. Sorry, I've been busy with another sewing project that of which has stolen my creative time. More on that next!

.: Finish Your Dessert!:.

After painstakingly creating the toiles of the garments and fitting and making sure they were prefect... somehow I nearly forgot I needed time to make the garment! I somehow eked in. 
With the bolero, it was my first attempt at making any kind of jacket. I found it quite difficult to source heavy weight interfacing, and as a result it reminds me of cardboard.
The Striped fabric is taffeta, can't remember the outer fabric(!) shantung silk for the lining (the most expensive fabric and you can't see it!) with a screenprint of my own design (more on that in a post to come!)

We had a bit of fun with a photoshoot, where we pretended to be dolls. For whatever reason I don't remember I never scored the original photos :( ergo, what you get to see is a photograph of a photograph (lucky you ;))

The shot on the mannikin is a little boring haha! I contacted an eBay seller who made my dessert yumms with a custom colouring. I loved it! (Of course I still have it!) A fantastic Brisbane lady I purchased from via eBay. So helpful and wonderful was she. The silver-ware was a little difficult to source, but I finally found two pieces from the Red Cross Salvation Army store. The china set belongs to Helen. Me, I don't drink tea but my oh my they were pretty!

Finally, here are some normal pictures of me wearing the dress at Brisnova 2010. Yes, the cake is a lie. One of the nummiest looking pieces from the fake cakes I purchased for the exhibition.

I was really proud of what I accomplished with this dress, it's amazing what you can do with fabric!

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