Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter to All! (More Pink too)

So far it's day 3 of the 5-day long weekend. Happy Easter to everybody, and Happy ANZAC day for tomorrow!

Yesterday, I celebrated two young children's birthday's with Hyper the Clown. Before heading out the door, I asked my other half to kindly take some photos. I do feel sorry for him but he gets used to it hehe

The wig is from my Cure Blossom cosplay, the top is a custom made one based on a blouse that was given as a gift from Serbia (what you can't see so well is the double-breasted pink buttons look that I love!), and I made the skirt and belt myself. What I love about doing what I do with balloons is that it's a fantastic excuse to dress up and not receiving strange looks ;)

I will be putting up a post about the party at my other blog, A Rainbow of Balloons if you want to learn more!

PS.. Do you recognize the butterfly clips from my tutorial? Hehe... They've been adorning my living room curtain, yay!

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