Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Cat Lady and Her Webcam

Let's take a break from some of more traditionally posed camera photos and check out some spur-of-the-moment webcam shots of kitties!

Meet Blue. Often called Superblue, Bloo-boo and Boo-boo! A beautiful British Blue with 'tude. She didn't really want to sit still for a photo, and so this is the best of what there is haha

 Minette Valentina is a little lady. Mostly. Often called Mumma's Little Princess and Mousecat :) Loves her cuddles!

... and then there is the sad and slightly crazy look of a lady who has no cats left for cuddling :(

Yay for webcam shots! haha The first time I have used it on my new laptop and it was kind of fun.

Oh and I'm joining in an under 300 followers linky party! Go on, check it out! You know, if you want... ;)

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