Monday, September 3, 2012

Discoveries of 2012

It has been a short while since we've 'talked', so I thought I could share some of my newest discoveries I made during my absence! Click on the images to learn a bit more about each one.

Lana Del ReyDaenerys Targaren - Game of Thrones

Once Upon A Time - Snow Whiteeverlastinglifashion

So... You maybe wonder what made the list? Read on!

  • Lana Del Rey - Amazing American songstress. Came to learn about her though a co-worker who would claim my dress sense reminded her of me! Very flattering when I saw who she was (I don't exactly see it though! :S) I heard a few of her songs and I was hooked!
  • Game of Thrones - I have chosen the image of Daenerys to illustrate my discovery! She is my favourite character of the ensemble cast. I cannot wait until season 3 airs in March! I am also planning a costume based on her outfit worn in Qarth in season 2. Of course I will share it with you all :)
  • Once Upon A Time - Another fabulous ensemble cast performance bringing beloved characters to life (those we love, and love to hate)
  • Embellished Shoes - Whilst looking for wedding shoes, I was agape when I found these beautiful shoes from Etsy seller Everlastinglife. Out of my budget however, and would have arrived too late... But how gorgeous are they? Please visit her store, she has some ah-mazing shoes! I would love to do something very similar for a shoe makeover. If I do, I will share :)
  • iPad and iPhone - Purchased one of each within the last year, which was great. My sadness though is that my iPhone fell out of my back pocket into the toilet! Sigh.... I'm planning on getting a new one again when I can save up the money again!
  • Bootcamp - I joined Bootcamp in January with the intentions to lose weight for my impending wedding. I was immensely pleased with my results, loosing 10 kilos (22 pounds) over the 6 months I attended. I have put on a couple of kilos thanks to amazing food on my Honeymoon, but I'm back again! I look forward to increasing my fitness even more. I was also so happy that I went from walking/jogging for a short spell all the way to being able to run 5K's, within a short spell. I hope to maintain this ability, and will be sad when I lose it haha

I'm certain there are more discoveries I've made, but I look forward to making more! Do you share any of my interests?

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