Friday, February 25, 2011

Welcome, Dallas John!

Remember how I said in my last post I have been busy lately? This is how it's gone down since last Monday....

Monday 14th: I hear cries of "Help!". I threw my clothes on and ran outside and found my elderly neighbour who'd fallen down and was in pain.
I waited with her until the ambulance was able to come, keeping her company. I'd never spoken a word to her before that day! (been neighbours for 4 years!)
Then of course off to work, then off to my 2nd job.

Tuesday 15th: we had a Cyclone (Hurricane) warning.

Wednesday 16th: we had the Cyclone (not so bad, only a category 1)

Then the weekend flowed something like this:

Saturday 19th: I got a new baby nephew! His name is Dallas John, born to my sister. He looks just like his older brother, Brook David! He is a gorgeous little bundle of baby.

I decided to also visit Barb in the hospital on the weekend. It was a task finding her, as I didn't know her last name, but some nurses in the public hospital in Ward 3 (funnily enough my sister is a nurse in Ward 3 too!) were able to help me out. It turned out she was in the Private hospital next door. I had decided to take for her a balloon rose with a ladybug because who doesn't love balloons? Barb really got a kick out of them which was great.

Saturday 19th: visiting my sister-> work-> sister.
Sunday 20th: breakfast with partner and his family-> sister-> work-> Barb-> sister.

Monday 21st: an External Audit at work day 1-> sister in hospital

Tuesday 22nd: Audit day 2. Luckily the fellow was a great laugh, good sense of humour!

Friday 25th: Realised a certain company we deal with at work only seems to hire cute guys with easy smiles and great accents. I <3 my job

Can I just say I'm feeling a little overworked? 13 days in a row of working (blaugh) 14 is tomorrow... Training in the morning and Balloon Twisting at a party in the evening.

I am sooo looking forward to next weekend. I hope things remain un-eventful then (unless it's cuddle time with my favourite baby!)

Hoping to be a little more active very soon with my blog, catch you then!

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