Friday, February 25, 2011

Cert IV Series

I've been wanting to do some posts to show you what I got up to my Cert IV in Fashion Design that I completed in 2009. So first off is a post about the first assignment that we did... so meet

( PART I )
.: The Lantern Dress :.

Yes, my dummy ate too many sweets. It fits me fine though! 

First assignment off the bat was a lantern dress. What is that you say? We had to design and construct a dress that would facilitate having a lantern suspended inside it, design and print our own silk-screen print, and incorporate the course theme of mutation (whew!). The fabric colours we drew out of a cloth bag, and given that I didn't get my first choice of pink... I got blue. Which would have been my 2nd choice, so score! Oh yes, and it had to be hung in a tree!

I will admit I was a little disappointed in to lack of embellishment, however one lecturer was 'it doesn't fit your theme' whilst the other lecturer said 'why didn't you put in what you'd discussed/planned?'... I wish they'd communicate more! haha Now, I've missplaced my portable hard drive from the time, which has the clearer version of the screenprinted design. If I get my hands on it, I'll add it to the blog one day.

To the side there is the dress design that I created for my portfolio. I 'painstakingly' used a scanned version of my fishy design for the digital image.

The final fit of the dress was like a glove. That felt pretty amazing, I tell you what!

The dresses went on display (of course in the tree!) at the 2009 Darwin Fringe Festival. Wouldn't you know it, the dresses got pooped on, mine by far the worst! At least it wasn't stolen, like one of the dresses. That cut the display short for fear another dress would be stolen. But how amazing (despite the blurriness) do they look?!

Inspired by a famous photoshoot... so famous I don't know it's name!

Even though my lament is that my dress is kinda plain, I do think it looks rather like a lamp shade! hehe

So that's it for my first post on the subject of my course, look out for part II for my next show 'n share which will be all about Big Assignment #2! I really hope you've enjoyed learning a little more about what I like to do!


  1. I think the dress is lovely! thanks for sharing and linking up! we hope to see you again this week! ^^)

  2. Thank-you Lelanie! For sure I will hehe :D


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