Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cert IV Series Part Deux

For the next round of the series is the 2nd 'major assignment of my Cert IV in Fashion Design... Meet:

.: The Effective Butterfly :.

It's name comes from the fact that the over-aching theme of the year was mutation, and it mutated from a butterfly. The original concept of the dress was created by Helen, my partner. For this task we were to create a dress for our client, another classmate. We did this by sitting down and discussing the design ideas, and then constructing them. It was a fun project, but I did get a little stressed to the end! Luckily I had such a lovely partner in Helen!

I really like how the skirt and top combo turned out, I have thought that I'd like to try something like that one day!

For the display in the cabinet, Helen put up the decorations and I think she did a smashing job. I love that I made it (I wish I was the only designer hehe)

The organza coming from the collar is to signify the wings emerging from the cocoon. The golden satin is the armor of the cocoon. I love the high collar, definitely something I want to try on an outfit I make for me!

One of the very best things about doing my course was meeting Helen. She's like my 2nd mother almost haha! She was always looking out for me (and feeding me!) and I'm lucky to know her.

And effectively, that's it!
The lessons that I gained from this assignment... Is if you're not sure wht a lecturer is suggesting.... ask! I didn't quite understand what she was encouraging me to do at one stage, ergo unpicking and a lot of hand sewing followed!

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