Monday, December 31, 2012

Completed Daenerys Qarth Dress

Just a quick post with some photo updates from my Daenerys Dress which I finished about 5 minutes before the taxi arrived to take my friend and I to the airport. Wouldn't be so bad I suppose if I hadn't been throwing things into my bag right up til the time we left! Funnily enough as I carried the belt in my carry on, a random passenger at the airport thought it was a Wonder Woman belt haha

Anyway, that's the boring stuff. How about some pictures then? Here are some randoms from Facebook and the last one my friend's camera. All pictures were taken at Brisbane Supanova Pop Culture Convention 2012.

Happy that I found my Drogo haha

As I've had a few enquiries as to where I purchased the fabric from, it is a blue/silver silk chiffon shot with metallic thread, and it comes from the Berwick Street Cloth Shop in London. I contacted them after reading another blogger's account of where she found the fabric.

They were very helpful as I ordered the fabric after a couple of emails and a phone call. They no longer had the colour in stock when she enquired, so she purchased a plain colour and dyed it herself. I was lucky in that they had the same colour, but as the fabric was lightened for Daenery's dress, I had to lighten this fabric myself. The fabric itself was 25 pounds a meter, and I purchased 6 meters. Along with postage costs to Australia and the currency conversion, the fabric cost me $280AUD.

To lighten the fabric, I put all 6 meters without cutting it into my front loader washing machine. The machine was set to 60 degrees Celsius and I put in two packets of RIT Dye remover.

It went from this:
To this:

And finally to this (after sponging on gold paint with sea sponges):

I was quite worried at how see-through the end garment would be, however thankfully the test photographs helped put my mind at ease. I was wearing pasties and flesh toned shorts (similar to Spanx I think) and nothing could be seen (that I know of!! -_-;;;).

I am happy to put up a more detailed explanation of how the dress was put together, if enough people are interested? Leave a comment if you would like to see one!


  1. A more detailed account would be brilliant! As a bit of a novice I'm getting myself into a right muddle and I'm sure you could help to clear my mind! I was just wondering if there were any other fabrics you would recommend as £25 a metre is pretty steep. Thanks in advance

  2. Hi Susie! Thanks for your comment :)

    I would agree, the price was painful and I'm sure something similar could be purchased for a lot less. It is a blue/silver silk chiffon (the silver is metallic thread that is shot through), as detailed by the invoice I received.
    I will work on getting more information up for you and others who might like to attempt her costume. I found it was fairly straight-forward when I got into it, and decoded certain elements.

    Leave it with me and I will see how I go at getting up more info ASAP! :)

  3. I'm mostly interested in the props! Do you know what it is constructed from?

    1. Hi Killerrqueen! From what I know it is constructed with foam, but I am not certain what it is coated in :/ The original colour was a bright orange

  4. I'd like to know if maybe you'd be interested in sharing your patterns as well? For people who are a bit less experienced in drafting their own?

    1. Hi Candace, I don't know if you've seen it, but I've blogged a tutorial here: :)

      No pattern necessary! As you can see if you check out the link... Good luck with your dress!

  5. You look fantastic!
    Absolute god send you putting your tutorial on how to make the dress up! Dont think i could attempt this without it :) so thank you heaps!
    Sarah x

  6. can i just buy yours? lol Finding the right fabric is too complicated!

  7. As I am new to your site... I would like to ask how you came up with the right measurements, as I am a bit overweight right now and am not going to want to make the belt. I just love the breezy of this dress and am looking for something comfortable to be in while I recover.
    Could you guide me in this dilema? I have no problem getting the right fabrics... as I am going to take your advice on that subject.
    You have done a wonderful job and I truly love the look you created. It is exactly just like the one in the show!!!!
    Fabulous just fabulous!!!!

  8. As I am new to your site (which I love by the way), I am impressed with what you have done. I just have one question:
    How did you get the right measurements for the right kind of movement? I am over weight right now (working on that), and have no problem getting the right fabrics, I just don't know how to measure myself to make it right. Any advice on this dilema??
    You have done an AMAZING job re-creating this dress. Since my weight problem is getting under control, I do not wish at this time to use a belt. I will however when I achieve my goal weight.
    Beautiful... simply Beautiful!!!!

  9. Hello! I was just wondering what kind of paint you used to stamp the dress. My fabric is much darker, and I tried just watered down gold acrylic craft paint, but it came out looking kind of brown.


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