Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cert IV Series Part Tiga - Toile-ing Away!

And now for the next (and favourite) post of the series, I present to you 'Dessert Time'...

This requirements for our final garment were that it had to be a capsule wardrobe (at least two pieces), incorporate screen printed fabric of our own design and print, use at least one fabric source internationally, and one interstate. To me, it was my last opportunity to learn to do elements that I loved.

Here are some in-progress shots of the toile creation. (I ended up purchasing my dummy as it was padded to my measurements! - I call her The Bumblebee)

The process of creating the toiles was at times laborious, but felt very rewarding. The panic starts to set in when it gets made into the fabric! Oh and waiting for the international fabric to arrive!

Before our last term commenced, we had one week of holidays to construct any required undergarments. I spent the week working on this:

Huge thanks to Trista at Sugardale for her tutorial that I followed.

For the next post in the series, I will put up pictures of the finished garment; maybe even some of me wearing it ;) 


  1. thanks for linking up! I look forward to seeing you this week again!

  2. I'm sure looking forward to see this dress when it's finished!

  3. Thanks Leilani!

    And thank you kindly Gnist for your comment! I finally posted the follow up post today hehe (better late than never?)


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