Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kirks Folly Fantatic

Have you heard of Kirks Folly before? If you love jewellery that will enchant you, look no further than their amazing brooches, earrings and cuff bracelets. Their specialty is fairies and charms; and there is so much wonder and whimsy in each piece, and it is quite difficult to pick a favourite.

The above brooch is my latest purchase from eBay, and believe me when I say it was love at first sight. Cliched, yes... But absolutely true! I still have my watchful eye on a few other pieces, time will tell if I make them my own!

So I implore you to visit the site of Kirks Folly. I promise there will be no regrets if you do. They have some seriously fabulous pieces, but I love eBay for the vintage ones that are no longer in stock. Such as below, the pegasus brooch I scored last year... It is a joy to wear and always gets compliments when worn.

Seasonal pieces seriously make me smile. Halloween is my favourite! But of course they have Christmas, and I'm not American but I can appreciate the cute Thanksgiving pieces!

This community service announcement has hopefully inspired you to browse their amazing pieces. I promise you it will not be impossible to find something you love!

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