Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cert IV Series Part V!

It's been a long time coming! But now is to reveal perhaps one of the coolest things I learnt to do at my time at Uni. The shoe making component is not part of Cert IV, however it is offered as a stand-alone course (select modules of Cert III in Shoe Production).

To the side there, it is my most favourite shoe I created during the course. Would you believe I turned out 6 pairs of shoes in total?! How awesome, right? It is without its heel however, but the final heel is covered in purple leather (the same as the purple in the image). By now I'm sure you hardly can believe this is made by my hand. Sometimes I hardly can! So for education purposes, I will share with you some of the steps involved in making a pair.

Making the pattern... Masking tape and measurements..
Shoe mock-up
Positioning the design
Sewn down design
Preparing the 'biscuits' the heels being made..

Putting it all together!
Determining placement holes for the straps

All done!!!

< Lookit all these shoes! The Purple and Silver ones (I call them my Space-Jam shoes!), the pink with ribbon laces are the Oxford style and Gibson respectively; and the pink and black (as seen above) are all mine. The white heels you can only just see are my favourite pair, from the first picture. The other styles are the court shoe, which I've made the most times; and the mule which is the style I've shown you the pictures of above.
I <3 my shoes. The classes stopped in 2010, but resumed again this year. I'm really thinking that I want to go back. It was a great class with an amazing teacher, Marlene Kranz.

To finish on my other most favourite pair:

The heels are staggered in three stages, and after this photo was taken were painted a bright yellow to match the insoles.

If you could make any shoe, what would it look like??

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  1. WOW!! Great job. What a cool class. I bet that was one you looked forward to going to.

  2. Thanks Kelli! :D It most definitely was. Everyone who did the class loved it!

  3. Fabulous! I have been wanting to learn to make my own shoes for so long. I'm going back to school (hopefully soon) to study fashion design and hope shoes will be part of the program. I'm always so picky about shoes, can never find exactly what I want and being able to make my own would really solve the problem! Great job!

  4. Wow - I have seen a shoe re-do but this is amazing! Shoes from scratch! Great work and I am following your blog now and would love a follow back if you have a chance!
    Come see me at

  5. Holy cow, that's the coolest. I would love to be able to make my own shoes!

  6. Thanks to all you very lovely ladies for your comments!

    To those interested in giving it a go, maybe see what your local TAFE or Community College might have to offer? It is very very rewarding to say the least!

  7. Waaa I want to make shoes!!! So many 40's styles I want to create with a nice shaped heel which you just can't buy at all. And we all know how 40's shoes are so narrow.

    It's so cool you get to make your own!!

  8. Thank you Esz, it was pretty amazing to make them, that's for sure! Good luck I hope you get to one day!


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